What do Romanians buy online?

Three quarters (75.4%) of the Romanians who shop online have acquired clothes and sporting products this year, up 4.4 percentage points compared to the previous year, according to a survey of the National Statistics Institute (INS), quoted by Romania-Insider.com.

Almost a quarter (23.4%) of the Romanians who shop online have bought household goods, whereas 16.8% have acquired travel packages this year. People who’ve bought books, magazines or newspapers represented 14.7%, down 5.3 percentage points compared to 2016.

The share of internet users who also buy products and services online has steadily increased in recent years, reaching 35% of the total internet users in Romania in 2017.

Of the total number of people who shopped online, 43% have made purchases in the last three months, 19.5% in the period between three months and one year ago, and 37.6% more than one year ago.

The highest percentage of online shoppers among local internet users is in the 16-34 age category, where the share reaches 42.7%.


Photo: SeniorERP



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