Former PM during protests: We can’t play with Romania’s future

Former Romanian Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, participated in the protest organized in Bucharest on Sunday evening, November 5, against the new changes to justice laws announced by the ruling coalition, according to

The former Prime Minister told journalists that he decided to join the street protests because “a limit has been crossed” and because “we can’t play with Romania’s future.”

“It’s important for me to be here as well because a limit has been crossed. We have witnessed almost a year of governance with very important economic growth potential but I believe we have missed many good moments this year precisely because of the unpredictability and mess in the decision making process and because of this attitude towards justice that only weakens the investors’ confidence,” Ciolos said.

“We can not build well-being in Romania unless we have a solid foundation of honesty and that means that justice needs to do its job.”

Dacian Ciolos, who led Romania’s technocrat Government last year, also said that the country’s economy is going through a favorable period, but that the current Government may waste this chance by its unpredictable decisions.


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