Romanian Govt. will launch auction to sell 5G licenses next year

Romania’s Government will start next year the auction for selling 5G telecom licenses, as a way to increase budget revenues, reveals a document the Ministry of Finance has drafted this month, cited by local

The last auction for the sale of telecom licenses took place in September 2012. Romania’s telecom regulator (ANCOM) sold 4G licenses worth EUR 682 million to Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications, RCS&RDS and 2K Telecom. The money was collected in two installments, the last one on June 30, 2013, says

The 5G technology, which will allow transfer speeds up to ten times higher than 4G, will be available from 2020, especially for point-based projects run by major companies, and will co-exist with 4G for at least ten years, according to a representative of Telekom Romania.


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