PM Tudose nominates former PM Grindeanu as ANCOM head

Romanian prime minister Mihai Tudose has nominated former PM Sorin Grindeanu for the position of head of the National Authority for Management and Regulation for Communications in Romania (ANCOM), says

PM Mihai Tudose sent on Monday to the Parliament his proposal for the position of ANCOM head, parliamentary sources told national news agency Agerpres. The proposal will be discussed during the sitting of the permanent bureau of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and will subsequently be approved by the plenum.

The position became available after Adrian Dita resigned on Friday. Within the past month, the former ANCOM head was subject to two hearings conducted by the expert committees in the Parliament. At the end of September, the head of the economy committee in the Senate, Daniel Zamfir, and the president of the IT&C committee of the Chamber of Deputies Catalin Drula asked Adrian Dita to resign, alleging that the latter made an abusive reorganisation of the institution.


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