Minister Peter Szijjarto : A new motorway and a new high speed train between Romania and Hungary will upgrade in the future years

The Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto communicated on Monday in western Cluj-Napoca that the transport connections between Romania and Hungary will upgrade in the future years with a new motorway and a new high speed train, according to

The Hungarian Minister Peter Szijjarto and his Romanian counterpart, Teodor Melescanu, participated together in Cluj-Napoca in a press conference at the Faculty of European Studies of Babes-Bolyai University (UBB).

A piece of good news is that by 2020 we shall double the number of connections through motorways between Hungary and Romania, we now have one and we will have two. This is not a pride-worthy situation for us, but we hope that out of the provisional ten border check points, we might have two official border points in the future. In Europe, it is the railway transport infrastructure that is mainly developing. We consider that the project of a high speed train to connect Budapest to Bucharest through Cluj must be a priority. So probably, in a first stage, Budapest will be connected to Cluj, and in a second phase, the two will be linked by a high speed train, the Hungarian minister said.

According to him, a project on energy security is underway, so that in 2022 the transport of 4.4 billion cubic metres of gas will be possible between the two countries.


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