Romania has only 500 doctors for 115,000 cancer patients

Most oncologists, 89, are in Cluj-Napoca, in Western Romania, while Bucharest has 50. By contrast, the county of Calarasi, in South-Eastern Romania, has only one oncology resident doctor. Iasi, in North-Eastern Romania had 33 oncologists, Dolj county 24, and Prahova county 8. Likewise, the counties of Arges, Bacau, and Bihor each had 8 oncologists.

Some 276 resident doctors specializing in oncology were registered in the country last year. Iasi had the highest number of such specialists, 25, followed by Craiova with 19 and Cluj-Napoca, with 9. The counties of Braila and Arad had 6 such specialists each, while the counties of Tulcea, Valcea, and Constanta had 5 doctors each. In Alba, Bistrita, Buzau,Caras-Sever, Salaj and Vrancea, there were 4 oncologists per county. The county of Covasna had 2 oncologists in 2016.

However, Cezar Irimia, the president of the Federation of Cancer Patient Associations in Romania, says the number of oncologists working in the county is even lower, of 300 such specialists. To this, some 50 radiotherapy doctors with oncology competences are added.

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