Firms with suspended activity in Romania down by 17.36 pct in the first 7 months

The number of firms with suspended activity went down by 17.36 percent in the first 7 months of this year, while the number of dissolved companies decreased by 19.88 percent compared with the same period of 2016, according to the data of the National Trade Registry Office (ONRC).

During the mentioned period, 8.690 firms suspended their activity. Bucharest is on the first place based suspensions of the firms’ activity, respectively 1,007, a drop by 37.45 percent, followed by the counties Bihor, with 443 suspensions of the activity (-5.46 percent) and Cluj, with 406 suspensions (2.78 percent), says

Also, 15,775 companies were dissolved, during January-July 2017, most of the dissolutions were registered in Bucharest (3,181 ), a drop by 25.57 dissolutions, Dolj county (771), with an increase by 18.43 percent, Cluj, with 759, and Constanta with 735.

The number of  commercial companies and self-employed persons (PFA) in insolvencies increased in the first seven months of this year by 6.07 percent, compared with the similar period of 2016, to 5,365 units.


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