Beer remains the Romanians’ favorite alcoholic beverage

A Romanian consumed an average of 30.15 liters of alcoholic beverages last year, up 5% over the previous year, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INS), cited by local Agerpres.

Beer remained the Romanians’ favorite, with one Romanian drinking an average of more than 16 liters of beer in 2016. Wine ranked second, with 0.89 liters per person, per month, on average, according to

INS data also showed that a Romanian purchased an average of 18.68 liters of alcoholic beverages last year. Per month, a person bought 1.55 liters of alcoholic drinks, on average, of which 1.25 liters of beer and 0.24 liters of wine.

A Romanian spent an average of RON 97.2 (some EUR 21) on alcoholic beverages in 2016.


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