Famous Romanian medieval castle sees revenues of over EUR 1 mln in eight months

The Corvinilor Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Romania and a well-known tourist site, welcomed more than 265,000 tourists in the first eight months of this year, according to Romania-Insider.com.

Its total revenues in this period amounted to more than RON 4.96 million (over EUR 1 million), according to the Hunedoara City Hall.

Slightly over 300,000 tourists visited the castle last year, up from around 280,000 the year before.

The largest number of tourists is registered each year in August, according to the City Hall. A total of 73,849 Romanian and foreign tourists visited the Corvinilor Castle in August of this year, bringing revenues of over RON 1.6 million (EUR 350,000) to the tourist site.

“The number of tourists grows year after year, and this can only make us happy. This year, the Hunedoara City Hall won a project worth EUR 5 million to restore several objectives at the castle. We also have other projects planned, such as setting up a medieval park in the area,” said Hunedoara mayor Dan Boboutanu.

Located in Hunedoara, the Corvinilor Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania. The building features tall and strong defense towers, bastions, an inner courtyard, and a drawbridge.


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