Rents in Bucharest reach highest level in five years

The average rent for a one-room apartment in Bucharest reached EUR 228 per month this year, up 4.5% over last year, according to

A two-room apartment costs EUR 321 per month to rent in Bucharest, up from EUR 298 in 2016. The current prices are the highest in the last five years, according to

The rents in Romania’s big cities have been increasing since 2015, according to the analysis. Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca compete for the highest rents.

The average rent for a one-room apartment in Cluj-Napoca amounts to EUR 220 per month, while a two-room apartment costs EUR 360 per month. The levels are a bit lower in Timisoara, where one-room apartments rent for EUR 171 per month and two-room apartments cost EUR 278 per month.


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