MedLife takes over majority stake of Valdi Medica SRL in Cluj-Napoca

Private healthcare operator MedLife took over 55 percent stake of the company Valdi Medica SRL, which owns the Humanitas hospital from Cluj-Napoca. The hospital was opened at the end of the year 2016 and has a variety of services and surgery treatments, according to

„We entered the Cluj-Napoca market since 2008, with the opening of an analysis laboratory and a labor medicine center. In 2015, we expanded and opened the first MedLife Hyperclinic. We wanted very much to add also the hospital services part. With the take over of the majority stake of Valdi Medica SRL, we become the first national operator which owns a hospital in Cluj-Npoca,” said Mihai Marcu, president and CEO of MedLife.

MedLife group will reach the 16th acquisition after the finalization of this transaction, Anima being the last one announced.


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