Moldova in Top 10 Best Places in Europe, made by Lonely Planet

The Republic of Moldova is on the 8th position in Top 10 Best Places in Europe, made by world famous tourist guide Loney Planet. The first recommendation is Zagreb (Croatia), followed by Gotland (Sweden) and Galitia (Spain).

Read the recommendations here.

About Moldova, Lonely Planets says: “This country of secret wine cellars and cliff-perched monasteries is truly Europe’s final frontier: little visited, lost in time and always surprising. In Moldova’s capital city Chişinău, leafy boulevards interlace with looming concrete. Its unexpectedly Parisian-style cafe and bar scenes brim with local wine, which continues to rise to acclaim as Moldova plays host to 2017’s Black Sea Wines and Spirits Competition as well as the annual ExpoVin.  Sip the best drops in Mileștii Mici’s gothic-attired cellars, housing the world’s largest wine collection. Explore sacred Orheiul Vechi, encircled by chalk cliffs, or lonely riverside monasteries like Saharna and Tipova. East of the Dniestr River is the self-declared (though unrecognised) republic of Transdniestr, a region locked in the Soviet past. Even experienced travellers to Europe will be amazed and disoriented by Moldova”.



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