Romanian team rolls out crowdfunding campaign for kids’ learning assistant

aliens by dariaBucharest startup Aliens by Daria, the developers of the voice-activated personal assistant for children Woogie, has started a crowdfunding campaign for the product to enter the production phase. The campaign has been started at, with the aim of raising a total of USD 75,000.

Woogie is a voice-activated, English-speaking AI personal assistant for children aged 6 and older that engages kids in conversations, interactive games and studying according to their passions, interests, and hobbies. It is meant to provide “a safer way for parents to introduce technology into their children’s lives without the need for screens,” according to a product description at

Parents are always in control through a mobile app and decide what content to make available to their child or what updates need to be added, depending on the child’s interests.

Woogie learns things related to the kid’s interests based on everyday conversations, and the more conversations take place, the more relevant it becomes. It doesn’t browse the web for information but has the educational content already stored in its memory.

Aliens by Daria was established by Bogdan Coman and Victor Drâmbă and works with a team of 8 people in London and Bucharest, according to



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