Tens of thousands of Romanians, including president Klaus Iohannis, protested over draft pardon bill, amendments to Penal Code

protest clujUp to 30,000 people attended a protest in the center of Bucharest, of Sunday evening, while other several thousands protesters gathered in other Romanian cities and abroad, to express their anger at the government’s plan to adopt a pardon bill alongside amendments to the Penal Code. Also, over 10.000 people protested in Cluj-Napoca. This was the third time this week that people took to the streets after the center-left government led by Sorin Grindeanu put up for debate a draft bill that would pardon certain detainees that have received jail sentences under 5 years. Over 3,000 people behind bars could get out if the law is passed, says Business-Review.eu.

The legal changes have been vigorously criticized by the anti-graft department (DNA) and by the General Prosecutor’s Office. The investigators warn that such changes would dent Romania’s ongoing efforts to combat corruption.

In Bucharest, president Klaus Iohannis briefly joined the protesters and criticized the initiative of the ruling coalition to amend the Penal Code. The people marched through freezing cold from University Square to the Victoriei Square, where the building of the government is located. From there, they went to the HQ of the ruling party PSD to shout against the head of the social democrats, Liviu Dragnea, who met late this week with US president Donald Trump.



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