Over EUR 55 bln, the companies’ turnover with foreign capital in Romania

olandeziThe companies registered in Romania which have foreign investors registered a total turnover of RON 250 billion (EUR 55 billion) in 2015. On the first place are the Dutch firms, which generated a turnover of approximately EUR 35 billion, says a study of Creditinfo. This is a company specialized in the supply of products and commercial risk management of services, says Business-Review.eu.

In the foreign investors top, according to the generated turnovers, the following country is Germany, with almost EUR 20 billion (RON over 88 million) and the next one is Austria with generated turnovers of almost EUR 13 billion (over RON 58 million). The companies with French capital from Romania generate turnovers of EUR 12.6 billion (RON over 57 million), Italy and Cyprus, respectively Switzerland, with EUR 6 billion.

“The monthly reports made by CreditInfo and the special ones, customized for each of our client, is based on information obtained in real time from the official sources- ANAF, the Finance Ministry, the Trade Registry, the Justice Ministry, that CredInfo analysts introduce in our database. We use a successful system in several European countries,” said Aurimas Kacinskas, general director Creditinfo Romania.



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