Cluj-Napoca airport reports “record” traffic in 2016

aeroportThe Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport saw a traffic of almost 1.9 million passengers in 2016, up 25% on 2015, local Mediafax reports. The traffic data come as the city’s and the region’s economy have developed significantly in recent years, says local

“The traffic consolidates our position as Romania’s second airport, after Bucharest – Otopeni, but also as a regional airport as, in this part of Europe, the discussion is about three major airports: Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, and Bucharest,” David Ciceo, the director of the airport, told Mediafax. He estimated a traffic of 2.7 – 3 million passengers for this year.

To manage the growing traffic numbers, the airport had the foreign departures gate reconfigured, established two new boarding gates and plans to build three new parking spaces for aircraft this year.

“We continue with the studies and projects for the second phase of the 3,500 meters runway and we will start the studies for a new passenger terminal,” Ciceo told Mediafax.

The Cluj-Napoca airport services 46 local and international destinations. At the end of last year, Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air announced a massive 2017 expansion of its operations from the Cluj-Napoca airport. The company planned to allot its sixth aircraft to this operational base and introduce four new international routes from Cluj-Napoca to Stockholm, Bratislava, Larnaca, and Malta. Also in 2016, Romanian low-cost airline Blue Air opened its sixth operational base on the Cluj-Napoca airport. Blue Air added connections from Cluj-Napoca to Birmingham, London, Larnaca, Nice, Hamburg, and Constanța.

Both Wizz Air and Blue Air have flights from Cluj-Napoca to Romania’s capital Bucharest, which have become very popular. It takes more than six hours to make the 450-kilometer car ride between the two cities while the train makes almost ten hours. This makes the low-cost 50-minute flights attractive even with the waiting time at the airport, and the costs are also lower.


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