Romanians believe that the majority of false news is on Facebook

facebookAlthough Facebook is their main source of information online, most Romanians living in urban areas also believe that Facebook is the channel that helps spread the majority of false news, according to a study by local iSense Solutions. The survey was conducted online on and had some 800 respondents, says

Around 90% of Romanians mainly get their news from TV and the Internet, the study shows. Other information channels Romanians prefer are the radio (58%), mobile news apps (37%), and printed newspapers and magazines (30%).

On the Internet, Facebook is the main source of information for 80% of respondents, followed by the news websites – 64%, e-mail – 58%, Google – 55%, and online newspapers or magazines – 47%. However, 75% of Romanians also believe that majority of false news is found on Facebook, 69% think that blogs also publish such fake information, while 64% believe that false news can be found on Twitter. Other channels where fake news appears  are the forums – 63% of Romanians gave this answer, printed or online newspapers and magazines – 61%, and the TV – 59%.

In Romanians’ opinion, a story is credible if it indicates the source of information and pictures (82% of respondents believe that this is important), if it doesn’t appear in a publication sponsored by entities with interests – for example, political news published in publications/channels sponsored by political parties (58%), if it includes photos as evidence (57%), if it includes details (56%), and if it appears in a prestigious, trustworthy publication (52%).


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