Which are the most dangerous roads in Romania?

soseaRomania ranks first in the EU in terms of the number of deaths caused by road accidents, with three roads being the most dangerous from this point of view, namely DN1, DN2, and DN7, according to representatives of the Transport Ministry. These are also among the busiest roads in Romania, according to local Romania-Insider.com.

DN1 national road, which links Bucharest to the border with Hungary, is apparently the road where most road accidents take place, reports News.ro. The 643-km road is one of the busiest in the country, as it passes through Prahova Valley, one of the Bucharesters’ favourite weekend and winter destinations. Prahova Valley includes Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga, and Predeal mountain resorts.

DN1 also passes through Brasov, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Cluj-Napoca, and Oradea, some of the most important cities in Transylvania.

Another dangerous road is DN2, which connects Bucharest to the historical region of Moldova, and the border with Ukraine in north-east Romania. The road is 446-km long, and links cities such as Bucharest, Buzau, Focsani, Bacau, Roman, and Suceava.

DN7 is also on the black list. The 525-km long road connects Bucharest to the Banat region in South-Western Romania. The sections with the most incidents are the one crossing the Olt Valley, often blocked by accidents, falling rocks, landslides and floods.


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