Belgian investor wants to produce EUR 5,000 electric car in Romania

masinaThe first low-cost electric car 100% made in Romania will have a price of EUR 5,000 and will be produced in Arges county. A first model of the electric car was presented at the opening of the 2016 Clujotronic festival of digital arts, organized in Cluj-Napoca last week, says


Belgian Henri Jonckheere had the idea of building this low-cost electric vehicle. He set up an IT company in Cluj, and then brought a team of specialists Technical University of Cluj-Napoca to the project.

The series production could start in March-April next year, Jonckheere said. He says the car will be produced in Pitesti.

The electric car will be made of carbon fiber, will have three wheels, will weigh just 150 kg, and will have an average autonomy of 100 km.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Cluj-Napoca plans to take some measures to promote and support the green transport in the city.

“We are planning to allow electric cars to use the special lanes dedicated to the public transport, for a short period of time, to encourage green transport. Secondly, we consider creating charging stations,” Cluj-Napoca mayor Emil Boc said.



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