Managers forecast moderate growth in manufacturing, services between September and November

fabricaManagers are forecasting a moderate growth of activity in the manufacturing and services sector between September-November 2016, as well as a drop in prices in retail, a study by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) shows, according to

In the manufacturing industry, managers forecast for the upcoming three months a moderate growth of production volume (short-term balance +14). The production of basicpharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations, will record a significant growth trend (short-term balance +38), while the productivity of tobacco products will decrease (short-term balance – 36 percent).

The survey forecasts that the prices of industrial products willremain stable in the next three months (short-term balance +1 percent). The number of employees will remain stable, with the short-term balance forecasted at + 3 percent.

In the constructions sector, the volume of activity will record a moderate decrease (short-term balance – 6 percent). Managers are forecasting a relative stability of the number of employees (short-term balance – 4 percent). The costs of construction works will remain stable (short-term balance 0 percent).

In the retail sector, managers forecast for the upcoming three months a downward trend of economic activity (short-term balance – 26 percent). The volume of orders to suppliers of goods by companies will record a decrease (short-term balance 17 percent).In this sector, employers are forecasting a moderate decrease in the number of employees (short-term balance – 14 percent). For the upcoming period, managers are forecasting a moderate from of retail prices (short-term balance – 15 percent).

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