Indians Invited To Participate In ‘World Of Dance’ Romania Qualifier

world of danceSpeak PR, an independent public relations firm that helps organisations find their voice, tell their story and share it with their broader audience, has invited Indian dancers to take part in the first edition of World Of Dance Romania Qualifier on June 4, says

PR and Media Manager of Speak PR Mihaela Trombitaș has said that the qualifying event, to be organised by Transylvania Dance Academy, will take place in Cluj-Napoca – the second most populous Romanian city. She also said that Cluj-Napoca, which will become the East Europe’s Dance Capital, is gearing up for hosting some of the best dancers from different parts of the world and the winners will secure their berths in the grand finale “World of Dance” at Las Vegas.

According to TrombitaȘ, dancers and troops will have to reach Cluj ahead of the June 4 event that will be held at Polyvalent Hall. So far, World Of Dance – popularly known as the most important urban dance competition – has brought together more than 100,000 dancers from around 14 countries and helped them showcase their talents.

With more than 65 events taking place in different countries, the Cluj event will allow mainly the Eastern European dancers to impress the world with their dancing skills. Dancers from India and other countries have been invited to register their names for the competition in the official World Of Dance website.

Participants will get an opportunity to compete in different categories, such as Choreography (Youth or Upper Division), Exhibition Team (Showcase) or All Styles Battle 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2. However, it is mandatory for the participants to send a video, demonstrating their skills, to the organisers as a part of the registration process. So far, the urban dance community in India has been very well represented in World Of Dance.



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