Romania has accepted the leadership of the Historic Cafes Route – Hotel Transilvania included in the Golden Cafes Route

The oldest continuously operating hotel in this part of Europe, the Hotel Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca, has been admitted to the Council of Europe’s prestigious cultural route, the Historic Cafes Route. The decoration of the Hotel Transilvania with the Council of Europe plaque coincided with a historic moment: for the first time, a Romanian has taken over the presidency of a European cultural route. It is the administrator of the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, Arnold Klingeis, who has officially become the president of the Historic Cafes Route.

“I am grateful to those who supported my candidacy. The priority of my mandate will be the development of cultural tourism. Romania has huge potential in this field”, says Historic Cafes Route President Arnold Klingeis.

The event organized in Cluj was attended by public authorities, representatives of the Transylvanian consular environment, people of culture and entrepreneurs from Romania, Moldova, Germany and Israel.

Among those who took the floor, together with the new president of Historic Cafes Route, was the vice-president of Cluj County Council, Vákár István: “I would like to congratulate the County Council’s president Mr. Arnold Klingeis. It is a great honor for Cluj to host such an event, which highlights the historical heritage of Transylvania”, said Vákár István.

The representative of the Cluj City Hall, Karin Hann, conveyed the message to the director of the Directorate of Public Events, Călin Forna. “The work carried out by Mr. Arnold Klingeis is a reason for great celebration and recognition of the value of Romania’s cultural heritage. The City Hall of Cluj-Napoca is open to future collaborations with Historic Cafes Route”, said the representatives of the municipality.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gabriel Bârtaș, said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes every success to the first Romanian to hold the presidency of Historic Cafes Route and expresses its support for the initiatives aimed at promoting cooperation in the field of the enhancement of the historical heritage”.

The event was attended by the Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan, Ștefan Gadola, who is also the manager of another Council of Europe-decorated historic café, Chios Social Lounge, the Director of the Cluj Art Museum, Lucian Nastasă-Kovacs, the Director of the UBB CORE Center, Leonard Horvath, the manager of Hotel Transylvania, Adriana Sava, who hosted the event, as well as other representatives of the Transylvanian community, such as the event organizer Stefan Farell or the regional director of Cricova Cramelor, Dorin Ștef.

Transilvania Hotel Administrator Adriana Sava said, “It is a great honor to join the Historic Cafes Route. It’s a great pleasure to host the investiture of the new president of this Golden Cafes Route and I thank all the guests who participated in this celebration.”

This event was also an interweaving of elements from all of Romania’s historic provinces. Thus, the Hotel Transilvania featured Cricova wines from Bessarabia or Zamfirei Magura gin, produced in Teleorman, and local business was represented by entrepreneurs such as Mircea Crăciun, founder of EcoGarden Construct.

The Cluj event also included a fashion show by designer Diana Gabor, a documentary about the cinematography inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”, a presentation on the history of coffee, as well as a debate on cultural tourism and economic diplomacy. Participants emphasized the need to preserve and promote historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage as Transylvania becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination. According to Professor Paul Bloomfield of Oxford Brookes University, Transylvania has gastronomic tourism potential similar to Tuscany or Antalya.

The Transilvania Hotel is known all over the world as the “Hotel Royal”, mentioned in the novel “Dracula” as the place where the British lawyer Jonathan Harker is said to have stayed in Cluj. The Historic Cafes Route event also featured a specialty coffee, Kafune, an Italian soft drink, fiGA, and Pepsi products.