More than 150,000 job openings advertised on online recruitment platform

Employers in retail, services and call-center/BPO solutions posted over 150,000 job openings in the first six months of the year, shows a statistical report released by online recruitment platform

According to the cited source, these jobs drew 5.3 million applications, according to Act Media.

Of the total available job openings, 40,000 came from retail employers, which continue to have the highest need for personnel in Romania. Services were the second largest employer, followed by the call-center/BPO industry in the third position. Next in the ranking are the food industry, tourism, construction, production and transport/logistics.

“The trend seen at the beginning of the year regarding remote jobs continued until the end of June, with an increasingly evident disproportion between the desire of employers to call employees to the office and the desire of candidates to work remotely. Thus, out of 150,000 new jobs, only 4.2% were remote, a percentage that is even lower than that of jobs posted by employers outside the country (7.8% of the total number of jobs were for foreign countries). The remote work benefit is most frequently offered by employers in the call center / BPO industry, IT / telecom, services, trade / retail and advertising / marketing / PR. Entry level candidates are predominantly sought for these positions,” the cited report states.

Also, 80% of the jobs advertised from January to June are “full time”, 15% are “part time” and approximately 5% are on a project and seasonal basis.

“13.4% of the total applications were for jobs that allow work from home. Candidates are far less tempted by employment opportunities outside the country, as only 1.4% of the applications were sent to foreign employers,” the experts note.

The fields that drew the most applications were: retail, call-center/BPO, services, IT/telecom, financial services, construction, transport/logistics, and tourism.

There are currently over 26,000 jobs available on, most of them for the following cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Brasov, Timisoara, Constanta and Ploiesti.

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