First nZEB Expo Bucharest hosted over 15,000 visitors and 150 exhibiting companies

The first edition of nZEB Expo, the largest local event dedicated to energy-efficient construction, took place in Bucharest, gathering over 15,000 visitors and 150 exhibiting companies. The event was held from June 14-16 at Romexpo, Pavilion B2, providing a platform for discussions, presentations, and demonstrations for professionals and enthusiasts in the field of sustainable construction, according to Business Review.

The mission of the nZEB Expo concept is to fundamentally transform the local construction market by promoting the nZEB standard and the passive house standard, thereby improving living standards. Thus, the nZEB Expo series aims to provide the space and context necessary for facilitating the exchange of information, know-how, and giving participants access to the latest products and solutions in the field.

“The first nZEB Expo Bucharest was a real success, showing the increased interest in energy-efficient construction and the need for innovative solutions. We are pleased that we managed to build a concept dedicated to everyone involved in this field and to contribute, step by step, to accelerating the adoption of increasingly high-quality housing. With the current enthusiasm, we are already preparing for the second edition, which we will hold in the fall in Cluj Napoca, and we are confident that it will be at least as well received,” said Marius Șoflete, passive house designer and co-organizer of nZEB Expo.

On its three dedicated stages, nZEB Expo Bucharest brought together over 50 speakers and covered various topics of interest in the field, from legislation and financing of nZEB constructions to designing passive houses and statements from beneficiaries. A special highlight was the “Smart City” conference, held by Carlos Moreno, an internationally renowned urban planner and initiator of the “15-minute city” concept. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to explore the solutions and products of over 150 exhibitors and to discuss with their representatives. The innovations they brought covered all segments necessary for sustainable construction, including heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation systems, high-performance joinery, prefabricated house systems, insulation and waterproofing, photovoltaic panels, roofing solutions etc.

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