Bucharest traded over 50% more residential units than Timiș, Brașov, and Cluj combined

The real estate market in Bucharest continues to be an attractive destination for investments, with increased interest in new housing and properties that offer high rental yields. Home sales in May 2024 were close to those made in the same month last year, demonstrating strong stability in the face of current economic challenges, as well as a continued appetite from investors and buyers in the real estate sector, according to Business Review.

According to the data provided by the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (ANCPI), 3,376 real estate units were sold in May 2024, compared to 3,516 units sold in the same period last year. ANCPI figures show that Bucharest has a mature market with high demand for real estate investments.

“The last month has been excellent for the real estate market in Bucharest. Significant sales reflect buyers’ confidence in the market’s growth potential and the good returns brought by real estate investments. Investing in an apartment or house represents a powerful tool for securing funds. North Bucharest Investments recorded a notable increase in sales, with 128 transactions completed in May 2024, compared to 51 units sold in May 2023. The 150% increase in our sales over the past month is also due to the expansion of our project portfolio, ensuring our clients have a generous offer of top real estate products. We choose partners with a good track record in the market, who benefit from developed infrastructure nearby, strategic positioning, and access to essential facilities”, said Vlad Musteață, CEO of North Bucharest Investments.

The sales data highlights the high interest in new housing and the need of the Capital’s residents to increase comfort and secure their investments.

Moreover, Bucharest ranks at the top of the cities with the most houses and apartments traded in May 2024, with 3,376 units. According to ANCPI, the top is followed by Timiș with 702 units, Brașov with 653 units, and Cluj with 618 units.

North Bucharest Investments

North Bucharest Investments (NBI) is a group of companies in the residential real estate segment, operating in two business lines – investment activities and intermediary services.

NBI Group was founded in 2011, in the Republic of Moldova, by businessman Vlad Musteață, and since the summer of 2022, it has also entered the Romanian market.

The North Bucharest Investments Group recorded over 400 real estate transactions in 2023, in new residential complexes in the northern area of the Capital. In just the last year, the company’s turnover has doubled from 20 million lei to 42 million lei.

NBI manages the most important residential complexes in the northern area of the Capital, and the company’s activity is differentiated by dedicated digital marketing services, experienced sales consultancy in selling new residential complexes, and customized communication of the portfolio’s complexes on social media, all maximizing the sales results of all residential complexes in the company’s portfolio.

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