MedicalCOR develops in Romania a unique teeth replacement technology in just 5 days

MedicalCOR, the most dynamic surgery center in Romania specializing in Oro-facial rehabilitation and dental implantology, based in Cluj-Napoca, is in the process of patenting a unique global technology for total teeth replacement through an innovative medical procedure that drastically reduces the total waiting time for the final result for patients suffering from extensive edentulism (missing teeth) due to genetic factors, accidents, or past medical errors, according to

The One Step ALL-ON-X (OSAOX) fixed teeth system, developed and exclusively implemented by MedicalCOR, allows for the rapid replacement of all teeth, with the final prosthetic denture with immediate final teeth being delivered within 5 days, compared to the usual 6-12 months.

The MedicalCOR team, which has already performed over 190 interventions using this method, aims in the coming months to perfect and optimize the One Step ALL-ON-X system to reduce the total teeth replacement time from 5 days to just 1 day.

The development of the OSAOX system took approximately 1 year and involved a multidisciplinary team of 20 specialists in dentistry, medical engineering, and clinical research. Investments in research and technology testing amounted to hundreds of thousands of euros.

“The approach preceding the OSAOX innovation was inspired by the desire to improve the patient experience and reduce the time and discomfort associated with traditional dental implant treatments. We relied on existing models of immediate implant loading but adapted and optimized the process to provide a complete and efficient solution. Globally, particularly in the USA and Australia, there are cutting-edge clinical studies that attest to the quality of the medical approach in this procedure, which served as a starting point and were corroborated with the integration of advanced dental rehabilitation techniques developed by our internal team of doctors and technicians. Thus, we were able to launch the best solution that can be implemented at this time,” says Dr. Paul Corpădean, founder of MedicalCOR.

One Step ALL-ON-X is an innovative system that not only meets but exceeds all patient and medical community expectations in terms of quality, durability, and aesthetics. Currently, there is already a 4-week waiting list for total teeth rehabilitation works with the OSAOX system at the MedicalCOR clinic in Cluj.

The dental clinic estimates that it will install over 1,000 rehabilitated arches this year using the One Step ALL-ON-X system, which is in the process of being patented.

To implement the OSAOX technology and ensure the precision and superior quality of the prosthetic works offered, MedicalCOR has invested in advanced imaging and 3D scanning systems, CNC machines, 3D printing equipment for prototypes and final works, sintering furnaces, and finishing equipment for high-quality ceramic restorations.

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