Cluj hosts the official debut of Historic Cafes Route’s new president

One of Europe’s oldest hotels will host a historic moment. It’s the Hotel Transilvania in Cluj, the one mentioned in Bram Stoker’s famous novel “Dracula”. It will be the venue for the festive debut of Historic Cafes Route’s (HCR) new president, Arnold Klingeis. This is the first time in history that a Romanian citizen has taken over the chairmanship of a cultural route under the High Patronage of the Council of Europe. The celebrations are scheduled for 29 June this year.

A representative of the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, Klingeis will take over the leadership of this prestigious cultural route, officially accredited by the Council of Europe. The event will transform the beautiful Baroque estate in Avrig, a miniature replica of Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Palace, into the official residence of the Route of Historic Cafés in Europe.

Cluj will also benefit directly from this. This first event organised by the new HCR President will culminate in the unveiling of the HCR emblem and the handing over of the document of accession of the famous Hotel Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca to the Route of Historic Cafés in Europe. Hotel Transilvania, one of the oldest hotels in the country, with a history of over half a millennium, once bore the name “Queen of England” and is mentioned in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” as a stopover of the British lawyer Jonathan Harker on his way to Bran.

The event programme also includes a fashion show by Cluj designer Diana Gabor and a special dinner, where guests will be able to sample historic dishes served throughout the hotel restaurant’s five centuries of existence. Participants will have a special experience, a true journey through the 500-year history of this unique location, renowned for its emblematic interior courtyard, considered the most coquettish and intimate in Cluj-Napoca.

The event promises a unique combination of contemporary experiences and stories from the past, with the specific aroma of coffee, but also plans and strategies for the future. Guests include representatives of the European cultural route, local and central officials, people of culture and art, representatives of the press and personalities from the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Arnold Klingeis, representative of the Brukenthal Palace Cafe in Avrig, the first entity in Romania to be admitted to the Historic Cafes Route, was previously the organisation’s ambassador for Romania.