2024 Patrimony prizes granted to restoration of Sasesti Evangelical Church in Alma Vii and St Michael Church in Cluj-Napoca

The European Commission and Nostra Europe announced today the winners of European Patrimony Prizes/Europa Nostra Prizes, co-financed by the EU program, Creative Europe. This year, the most prestigious European prizes for patrimony are granted to 26 remarkable winners from 18 counties, according to Act Media.

This year’s winners include two outstanding partrimony projects from Romania:

Alma Vii Saxon Church

The project supposes the restauration of a cultural landmark, symbolizing centuries of history and art in the picturesque village of Alma Vii, Transylvania. The complex restoration works have not only preserved the architectural and historic integrity of the church, but also has made the local community more responsible for the durable development of tourism.

St Michael Church, Cluj-Napoca

Located in the heart of the city, St Michael Church is a jewel of Gothic European architecture. It was restored in an ample process between 2016 and 2022. Beyond the exhaustive structural consolidation and facade restoration, the project included interior restoration and modernization.

The winners were selected by the Prize Jury, made of 12 European patrimony experts, following the evaluation of applications by the Selection Committee. 206 eligible candidacies were presented for this year’s prizes by organizations and private persons from 38 European countries.

The winners will be celebrated at the Prize Award Ceremony for 2024 European Patrimony on October 7, at the Romanian Athenaeum, the most prestigious concert hall in Bucharest, which recently received the European Patrimony Label, acknowledging its European significance.

This important event will be hosted by European Commissioner Ilian Ivanova and Europa Nostra Executive President Hermann Parzinger. The Grand Prix laureates and the Public Prize winner selected from among this year’s winners of European Prizes for Patrimony/Europa Nostra Prizes, will be announced at the ceremony. Each winner will receive 10,000 euros.

The ceremony is part of the important events of the European Cultural Patrimony Summit 2024, to be held between October 6 and 8, in Bucharest. The summit, co-financed by EU, is orgaized by Europa Nostra, in close collaboration with public and private organizations and partners in the patrimony field in Romania.

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