Bosch recorded ‘stable performance’ in Romania, with consolidated sales of 2,5 billion RON in 2023

Bosch, a global technology leader, ended the 2023 fiscal year with consolidated sales of 2.5 billion RON (516.2 million euros) in Romania, remaining at a similar level to the previous year. Total net sales of 11.8 billion RON (2.4 billion euros) recorded in Romania, including sales of non-consolidated companies and internal deliveries to affiliated companies, represented an increase of 12 percent compared to last year, according to The Diplomat.

“Despite the uncertain economic environment, Bosch recorded a stable performance in Romania in fiscal year 2023, mainly due to the development of the company’s activity in the production area, in research and development, but also in the field of services”, said Mihai Boldijar, general director of Robert Bosch S.R.L. and representative of the Bosch Group in Romania. “Although, due to the current situation, we expect a difficult year in Romania as well, we remain consistent with our commitment to the local market and its long-term potential,” continued Mihai Boldijar.

For the current year, the company plans to further strengthen its strategic position in the country. However, Bosch has a modest forecast for business development in the country for 2024 due to the challenging market context.

The number of Bosch employees in Romania reached 10,520 on December 31, 2023, an increase of approximately 7 percent compared to the previous year.

In 2024, Bosch celebrates 30 years of continuous and successful presence on the Romanian market.

“In the last 30 years, Bosch has contributed significantly to the development of the Romanian economy by creating jobs and by transferring technology and know-how. We have brought cutting-edge technologies to the Romanian industry; we have become a supplier of components for the global automotive industry and we are running research and development projects with a visible impact on society. I am proud to say that today Bosch in Romania represents modern technology, a top employer, a reliable partner for the education system and for local communities through our own foundation. Looking to the future, Bosch aims to remain a technology leader and a key partner for Romania, actively participating in the development of the community through its initiatives,” added Mihai Boldijar.

Bosch has invested approximately 356 million RON (72 million euros) in Romania in 2023, mainly in the development of its plants in the Mobility business sector in Cluj and Blaj, as well as in the field of research and development, within the Bosch Engineering Center from Cluj. The Bosch factory in Jucu, Cluj County, has been producing high-quality electronic control units since 2013 to increase traffic safety and driving comfort.

In addition, the Jucu factory took significant steps last year in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. The factory’s solar panels generated 5,444 MWh of green energy, a 46 percent increase over the previous year.

In April 2024, Bosch inaugurated the second office building at its engineering center in Cluj-Napoca. The new facility represents an investment of 21 million euros, while the total investment in the two office buildings in Cluj amounts to approximately 50 million euros. The 10,000 square meter building has ten floors and is connected to the existing facilities by walkways.

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