BMW Group and Tata create joint venture to develop software

The BMW Group has inked a deal with Tata Technologies to form a joint venture in India to work together on automotive software. The plan is to open an IT development hub in India at locations in Bangalore and Pune. A separate facility in Chennai will supply business IT solutions. Initially, the joint venture will employ 100 people but is projected to grow to over 1,000 workers in just a few years, according to BMW Blog.

The joint venture – which is currently under review and approval by authorities in India – will focus on several domains: software-defined vehicles (SDV), automated driving, infotainment, and digital services. The initial workforce will consist of trained and experienced TATA Technologies professionals. The employees will also be tasked to work on digitalization and automation of product development, production, and sales.

The BMW Group started its own software development more than 20 years ago and currently operates IT hubs at home in Germany but also in Portugal, the United States, South Africa, and China. More than 9,400 people work in software development and IT at the BMW Group and its joint ventures. The number will grow shortly with the recently announced IT and software hub in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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