AROBS targets a consolidated turnover of approximately RON 500 million in 2024

AROBS Transilvania Software , the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, targets 2024 a consolidated turnover of 494.9 million lei, normalized EBITDA of 92.9 million lei and a normalized net profit of 48.8 million lei, according to

“AROBS is the result of progress, determination, resilience, and the desire to grow continuously. As an entrepreneur, I always tell myself that the lessons learned are the most valuable following a less successful investment. In 2024, we aim to continue focusing on strategic expansion, innovation, and operational efficiency. We are determined to push our boundaries, identify new growth opportunities, and consolidate the relationships with our partners and customers, both in the markets where we are already present and in the new ones. Our efforts are mainly directed towards integrating the new companies in the group, optimization of processes, development on accelerated technologies, while taking care of the teams within the group, which are the basis of our success. We will have maximum focus on performance and delivering added value to customers. I strongly believe that together with our partners and collaborators, we participate in building the technology solutions that will define the future, whether we are talking about big data, data analysis, or AI“, stated Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

In 2024, AROBS will focus on the integration process of the group’s entities, which in some cases will also include the absorption of acquired entities to simplify the group’s structure, facilitate operations between companies, reduce costs and redundant functionalities, and maximize synergies.

Bogdan Ciungradi, AROBS CFO, added: “2023 was a year of major changes in the technology field, but also at the legislative level that had an impact on the Group’s activity in the last year’s quarter. These changes will continue to pressure the entire IT industry in Romania in 2024. At the same time, 2023 was a year with significant pressure on the profitability of IT companies. For this reason, in 2024, we expect it to be just as intense from this perspective, and in AROBS, we are focusing on optimizing all operations.”

In terms of group expansion in 2024, AROBS aims to expand organically in the European Union and US markets through even greater proximity to customers and global technology centers. In terms of M&A activity, AROBS will continue the acquisition process by carefully analyzing the present opportunities, focusing on synergies, complementarities, and solid results of potential acquisitions. For this purpose, the group considers using its own reserves and financing from specific sources in the capital market in the medium and long term.

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