Repatriot: Romanians in Spain send money, transfer expertise and healthy attitude and do not lose trust in their native country

Repatriot, the platform that connects Romanians from outside the borders with the country, led the economic mission Romania-Spain, held between 21st -27th March in Barcelona and the Balearic Islands. This initiative discovered new points of support for the expansion of Romanian businesses in the region, facilitated the access of Romanians from the Diaspora to opportunities in the country and accelerated economic cooperation between Romanian and Spanish entrepreneurs, according to The Diplomat.

As part of the delegation, 27 Romanian entrepreneurs from Bucharest, Constanța, Oradea, Iași and Cluj-Napoca met with over 40 Spanish entrepreneurs, as well as over 100 Romanian professionals and entrepreneurs from Spain. In addition, businessmen from the UK, Switzerland and France were also present through Repatriot. This created the right framework for the development of trade relations and opportunities for collaboration and investment in various key sectors. At the same time, meetings were organized with the Spanish authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, and visits to tech hubs and business incubators.

In this mission, two conferences were organized for entrepreneurs and professionals from the Diaspora, where the Repatriot representatives met with more than 500 Romanians living and working in Spain and visited 4 religious communities that unite the local Romanian community.

“In addition to the circle of Repatriot friends and business projects, we discovered remarkable Romanians and thus had the opportunity to thank them for everything they do for Romania! They are our ambassadors, they stick with the country, they send money, they transfer expertise and a healthy attitude, and they don’t lose their trust in Romania. I assure you that it is not a simple experience to feel the overwhelming emotion when you look into the eyes of over 100 Romanian children from the Balearic Islands, gathered in the Romanian religious communities on a Sunday. You are speechless when you hear the story of the parents, true explorers, who arrived here empty-handed and then made a future for themselves!”, stated Marius Bostan, serial entrepreneur and Repatriot initiator.

Romanian and Spanish entrepreneurs have many points in common and there is a major potential for the development of commercial relations between them. Over a million Romanians live and work in Spain and many companies founded by Romanians create value in Spain. At the same time, many Spanish have invested in Romania, and commercial, diplomatic, and cultural relations are continuously growing. More than 100 hours of discussions and direct meetings, as part of the Repatriot economic mission, contributed to the initiation of business projects and building of solid bridges of trust between the Spanish, Romanians from the Diaspora, and those in Romania.

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