Alexandrion Group aims for a global market share of 10 percent for the main categories of spirits in the portfolio

Alexandrion Group, the largest producer and distributor of spirits and sparkling wines in Romania, presented the development direction of its product portfolio, says The Diplomat.

The group is expanding its portfolio of spirits and wines with new categories: rum, tequila and vermouth and will launch new brands of single malt whisky, vodka and gin. The products will be distributed both in Romania and internationally, through the global business hubs that Alexandrion Group has in the USA (South and North America and Brazil), MEAA (Middle East, Persian Gulf, Africa and India), Asia (Japan and Singapore) and Europe (Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Czech Republic and Great Britain).

Dr. Nawaf Salameh, Founder President of Alexandrion Group, said: “Our activity started in Romania, over 30 years ago and the center is still here, but today we are a global player that competes at the highest level, in an extremely competitive market. And we do this successfully: the results we have speak for themselves. We have greatly expanded the distribution network; we are building a distillery in the USA and we are taking steps to start the construction of a distillery in Japan and another in South America. The second one will be built in partnership with Casa Aceves, with whom we signed a joint venture to produce and distribute tequila globally.

We are proud that our products, which have Romanian names, are international products, marketed and appreciated all over the world. They have become true ambassadors for Romania, abroad. We will continue to expand our portfolio horizontally, because now we cover the main categories of spirits: single malt whisky, brandy, vodka and rum. We have the necessary technology, capacity, resources and expertise to achieve a global market share of 10 percent in each of these categories in the next 10 years. In addition to all this, we have two engines that keep the Alexandrion Group in the industry leader position for so many years: the desire to constantly evolve and the commitment to offer the best quality products, which pass the most rigorous tests, for as the health of our consumers comes first”.

Alexandrion Group produces its spirits at Alexandrion Saber Distilleries 1789, one of the largest and most modern production and bottling centers in South-East Europe, located in Bucov (Prahova County).

After the success recorded with Carpathian Single Malt Whisky, sold in many countries and already awarded at prestigious international competitions, Alexandrion Group will launch, this year, a new brand of single malt whisky, matured in barrels with different degrees of burning. The product unifies the Scottish tradition in the production of single malt with innovation and is addressed to the modern, dynamic consumer who spends a lot of time in the urban environment.

“In Bucov we have two whisky distilleries, which allowed us to triple our production capacity. We will also produce single malt whisky in the USA and Japan. The products will be adapted to the specifics of the markets in which they will be distributed,” explained Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

Two vodka brands are produced at Alexandrion Saber Distilleries 1789: Kreskova Vodka and Alexander. Kreskova Vodka was designated by international experts as the best Romanian vodka in 2023, obtaining the gold medal in the World Vodka Awards 2023 competition, together with the “Country Winner” distinction for Romania, in the “Pure Neutral Vodka” category.

This year, Alexandrion Group will launch two more brands. “One of the brands will celebrate the determination and strength to conquer the highest peaks, and the other will honor the extraordinary achievements of outstanding people from six countries,” added Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

Alexandrion Group will add to the two gin brands it has in its portfolio – Kingsbury London Dry Gin, with national and international distribution and Alexander Gin, with distribution in South America, two more brands, one of which will be 100 percent Romanian.

Rum is a new category in the Group’s spirits portfolio, which will soon launch two brands. “We will cover all types of rum. A master distiller with rich experience in the production of Caribbean rum, whom we brought to Romania, helped us to implement the technology and networks. The two brands will have strong Romanian names,” said Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

Alexandrion Group will also produce tequila. The group signed a joint venture agreement with “Casa Aceves”, a tequila producer from Jalisco, the main area in Mexico where tequila is produced. The two leaders in the production of alcoholic beverages have joined forces to create and launch several varieties of authentic premium tequila, covering the entire range. Alexandrion Group and Casa Aceves will open subsidiaries through which this joint project will be coordinated and implemented, and Alexandrion Group will distribute the products globally through its network of business hubs located in different countries.

The wines from the Alexandrion Group portfolio are produced at the Domaine Alexandrion Rhein 1892 Winery in the Dealu Mare region, where the group owns vines and temperature-controlled production and storage facilities. The group uses ecological methods of vineyard protection and aims to produce exclusively pesticide-free wines by 2025.

Alexandrion Group produces premium, still and sparkling wines, awarded at international competitions, such as Hyperion, Byzantium and Rhein Extra.

“We radically changed the production strategy at our winery. We want to emphasize quality, not quantity: we have reduced the quantity we will produce for both the national and global markets to 1 million bottles of still wine per year,” explained Dr. Nawaf Salameh.

For the longest-lived sparkling wine in Romania, Rhein Extra, produced at Rhein Cellars in Azuga, Alexandrion Group has similar plans. It will produce 1 million bottles per year.

Alexandrion Group also started producing vermouth, another new category in its portfolio. Del Chiaro vermouth is inspired by Anton Maria del Chiaro’s trip to Wallachia, Italian adviser to Constantin Brâncoveanu, and is based on the Romanian and Feteasca black grape varieties.

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