BT: 3 Official LAST-MINUTE WARNINGS Brought to the Attention of All Romanian Customers

Banca Transilvania has decided to publish 3 last-minute warnings for all customers from all over Romania, the largest financial institution in Romania and Eastern Europe, trying to help Romanians not to become victims of fraud. In the last few days, those from Banca Transilvania have issued several official notifications because the number of frauds has increased substantially in Romania, so people need to be extremely vigilant in front of those who want to harm them, according to

Banca Transilvania warns all clients about people who call us by phone and present themselves as representatives of the bank, talking to us about investments with high profits and money transfers to various accounts to make them. If we are recommended to install applications such as AnyDesk on computers or phones, Banca Transilvania recommends that we close the call immediately, because it is a fraud, they are used to steal our money.

Banca Transilvania also warns us to be extremely vigilant about deepfake videos, i.e. those videos made with artificial intelligence systems, using the image of real people to transmit false information. Practically, with artificial intelligence, a fake video clip is created in which a very well-known person appears, who seems to recommend investments in certain shares, cryptocurrencies, but BANCA Transilvania warns us not to trust them.

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