7card announces “Prima Sută”, a project that helps companies create well-being programmes for employees and benefit from tax deductions

7card, the leader of the corporate wellbeing sector in Romania, announces the “Prima Sută” program, which aims to support companies in creating programs dedicated to employee wellbeing. With this project, 7card encourages the use of the tax facility, according to which, in 2024, employers’ expenditure on benefits offered to employees for access to sports and fitness facilities, up to 100 euros/employee/year, is tax-free, says Business-Review.eu.

“There has been a lot of talk about this tax facility and the amount companies can deduct, with many voices expressing dissatisfaction with the lowering of the cap from €400 to €100. What we are proposing with this draft is a change of perspective: We still have a ceiling of 100 euros (in 2022 the ceiling was 0), so let’s use it! Our role, as industry leaders, is to show companies how they can maximise these amounts to create truly value-generating programmes, both for them and for their employees,” said Dan Moraru, 7card Country Lead.

In this context, 7card assumes the role of a partner with whom organisations can implement comprehensive well-being programmes for employees that take into account their needs and priorities as well as available budgets.

The “Prima Sută” programme contains concrete steps and actions that fully support companies’ challenges, through expertise or resources that employers lack. 7card thus proposes a strategic set of tools that complement this €100 deductible budget and maximise its impact. The project brings with it a dedicated implementation team, consultancy in managing the investment budget and over 100 personalised packages of employee freebies, access to digital apps and fitness rooms, and programmes to encourage employee wellbeing. This provides companies with a proven approach that generates a return on investment and turns such initiatives into real examples of best practices at the internal policy level.

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