How Transilvania University’s Initiative is shaping sustainable digital strategies

In a world where digital footprints lead the way, the Transilvania University of Brasov has taken a pioneering step by organizing a Special Issue titled ‘Analytical Research on Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing Connection for Facilitating Sustainable Marketing Effectiveness’. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to delve deep into the realms of consumer psychology and digital marketing, aspiring to redefine the contours of marketing strategies towards sustainability. At the heart of this endeavor lies the conviction that understanding the motivations and decision-making processes of consumers can significantly amplify the impact of digital marketing, according to

The special issue throws light on the evolution of digital marketing into a domain that is increasingly human-centered. This shift is not just about leveraging data or deploying the latest in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and GPT Chat technologies. It’s about harnessing these advancements to gain a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior and psychology. The initiative invites scholars and practitioners to contribute their original research and reviews on themes ranging from e-commerce evaluation models and viral marketing effectiveness to the influence of emerging technologies on consumer and organizational decisions. Such a multidisciplinary effort aims to present new concepts and practices that could make marketing strategies not just more effective, but also aligned with the enduring principles of sustainability.

As digital transformation accelerates, fueled by the ongoing global pandemic, the study of consumer behavior has never been more crucial. References such as the examination of relational bonds in live streaming commerce and its impact on purchase intention, underscore the importance of relationship marketing in the digital age. Similarly, insights into the direct-to-consumer marketing model reveal how factors like cost-effectiveness and social media marketing directly influence loyalty, highlighting the need for strategies that are both innovative and data-driven. This special issue by Transilvania University stands at the intersection of these dynamic shifts, aiming to explore how digital marketing strategies can be fine-tuned to understand and influence consumer behavior more effectively, thus facilitating sustainable marketing effectiveness.

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