BRD’s net profit in 2023 increased by 24% to RON 1.65 billion

BRD Groupe Société Générale registered, in 2023, at consolidated level, according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), a strong lending activity and on last mile towards our 2025 sustainable financing target, a good performance on corporate financing (+23% YoY), driven by both SME (+18%YoY) and large corporate customers (+26% YoY), and a record RON 7.7 billion of new loans to individuals and best year in consumer loans production (+20% YoY), according to

The bank also had a robust leasing activity, +20% YoY growth in portfolio at 2023 end, an impressive volume of sustainable financing in 2023 of RON 2.3 billion, and a consistent +10.1% growth of the deposits base. BRD recorded a net profit of RON 1.65 billion, an increase of 24% yoy.

“In a context which remained rather challenging, BRD delivered an outstanding performance, in terms of commercial activity and financial results. Our loan portfolio grew by almost +13% compared to 2022 end. We reached a record of RON 7.7 bn RON new loans to individuals and 1 out of 7 loans to individuals, in stock at 2023 end, is granted by BRD. At the same time, we actively supported companies in their endeavors, providing the necessary funding to grow, create jobs or fuel innovation, contributing to the overall economic performance. Being a remarkable catalyst of growth, lending on corporates advanced by 23% building on both strong contribution from SMEs and large corporate customers. In addition, we further progressed towards the EUR 1 bn strategic objective of sustainable financing by the end of 2025, adding in 2023 new volumes of RON 2.3 bn. With a cumulative amount of EUR 800m sustainable financing, this target is expected to be reached in advance. Enhancing digital customer experience remains a top priority on our agenda. BRD digital offer was expanded with 100% online investment products. We have now more than 1.4 million users of our mobile application, YouBRD, growing by 33% compared to 2022. All the above translated into a solid financial performance, with +24% in net result and ROE of 21%, demonstrating the strength and resilience of our business model. Further on, BRD remains a committed partner for all its clients, firmly and responsibly fulfilling its mission as a leading bank in Romania”, said Maria Rousseva, CEO of BRD Groupe Société Générale.

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