A new version of the Optimall SFA Android mobile app

Optimall SFA, a sales force automation solution was launched by AROBS Transilvania Software 20 years ago. Looking to optimize customers’ activity in production and distribution in Romania, Optimall SFA launches the new Android mobile version, according to Romania-Insider.com.

AROBS Transilvania Software has launched several software products over its quarter of a decade, helping the digitalization of the private sector in Romania. Optimall SFA is the first of these products, launched in 2003.

“The Optimall SFA team is a partner that contributes with dedication to the success of distributors and manufacturers in Romania.  Even after two decades, by continuously innovating and adapting to customer requirements, Optimall remains an important player on the Romanian market in digitizing distribution business”, declared Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software.

“Optimall by AROBS celebrates its 20th anniversary by launching a new mobile version of the SFA app, created by our team with a focus on user feedback and responding to the needs of our more than 300 customers,” says Ovidiu Teodorescu, CEO of Optimall.

Two decades ago, the AROBS team launched Optimall SFA. The company’s decision to start creating software products came in the wake of the uncertain situation created by outsourcing after the global dot-com crisis.

Because of its many advantages and ability to adapt to each business’s specifics, entrepreneurs quickly adopted the application. Twenty years on, Optimall by AROBS has more than 300 active customers with over 3000 users and five successful software solutions. The most important of these remains Optimall SFA.

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