Anca Vescan: In 25 Years of Axon Soft, I have Discovered that You Have to Learn All the Time

One of the most successful IT companies in Romania is Axon Soft. It is a company that is celebrating 25 years of activity and that, since its foundation and until now, has stood out for the high quality of the solutions delivered, for its creativity, for the stability of its team and for its willingness to explore new technologies. 


Axon Soft has developed two applications for its customers that have made the Top 10 worldwide. One of the applications is designed to manage supply chains and the other optimises the way human resources are allocated. Recently, Axon Soft has also expanded into the Republic of Moldova. 


Axon Soft has also become co-producer one of the most successful IT shows in the county, IT Report, aired by Via Cluj TV. The company brings together dozens of dedicated and competent people. The company’s founder, Anca Vescan, believes that one of the ingredients of success is the strength to follow your dream, no matter what difficulties you encounter along the way.


“It’s a moment of stocktaking and gratitude. I’ve managed to do everything I set out to do in these years and there are even better things to come in the years to come,” says Anca Vescan, who is confident that, together with her husband Mihai Vescan, who is in charge of communications in the company, the Axon Soft brand will become even stronger.


She recalled the first moments of Axon Soft’s journey. “We are talking about 1998. There weren’t many opportunities and we can’t talk about big dreams, because you couldn’t necessarily build them. I think it was a natural evolution of what my career has meant. In the company where I worked before this company, I went through stages very quickly, from programmer, team leader, technical director and CEO. But that group of companies was going out of business. So opening my own company was a natural progression of my career”, says Anca Vescan.


The beginning was difficult, but once the difficulties inherent in founding the company were overcome, the rewards came. But Anca Vescan has remained a realist. “Successes pass you by. You may fight a lot for them, but in the end, you realise that this 25-year period is a success, because I have learnt a lot of things, because I have managed to train many good people, because we have managed to do some great projects together. And all of this together brings great satisfaction”, adds the founder of Axon Soft


Beyond technical development, Anca Vescan had to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur in difficult conditions. “The lessons I’ve learned are many. They have a lot to do with what economic life is all about. I trained as a computer engineer, so I didn’t have these economic skills at all. Later, I studied Economics, specialising in International Relations, precisely to better understand the environment in which I work. I recommend everyone to try to learn in such a way, before or after starting their career as an entrepreneur. There are now a plethora of possibilities, courses and good schools to follow. I didn’t have so much available to me in those years, but we managed, because we learned valuable lessons from practice and from mistakes”, says Anca Vescan.


One of those lessons was to maintain a productive work culture. “You can do this if you pay attention to the people around you. You have to know when to give them confidence and to enhance all the qualities they have, and the ones they don’t have at a good enough level, you have to stimulate them through courses that help people on this side”, Anca Vescan adds.


She also has a piece of advice for young IT entrepreneurs just starting out. “Pay attention to what you want from being an entrepreneur. My opinion is that the really successful entrepreneurs are the ones who don’t necessarily do it for the money from the start. The money comes later, if you follow your dream of developing a product, delivering a good quality service… And with that you manage to create a company with a good culture that can last over time. If you only think about how to make a lot of money, you will find that this is not a strong enough motivation”, says Anca Vescan.