Transylvania festival picks movies from Iran

“Like a Fish on the Moon”, “Subtraction”, “World War III” and “The Actor” will be shown in the different categories of the festival, which will take place from June 9 to 18 in Cluj-Napoca. “Like a Fish on the Moon” by Dornaz Hajiha will be screened in the official competition, according to Tehran Times.

In this film, Haleh and her husband Amir have to cope with a tough situation: their four-year-old son Ilya has suddenly stopped talking. There is evidently no physiological cause, so they go to see a psychotherapist who comes up with a radical solution. Ilya’s mother, who has cared for him until now, is to take a back seat while the father assumes her role of looking after the child. This change in the established order sends the family into a downward spiral of tension and aggression, and it’s extremely difficult to see a way out.

“Subtraction” by Mani Haqiqi has been selected to be screened in the Full Moon section.

The film follows Farzaneh who spots her husband, Jalal, walking into a woman’s apartment. When she confronts him, Jalal claims he was out of town for work. He decides to check out the building for himself. There, he meets a woman who is the spitting image of Farzaneh. Her name is Bita and her husband looks identical to Jalal. How is this possible?

“World War III”, Iran’s submission to the 2023 Oscars, will be screened in the No Limit category.

Directed by Hooman Seyyedi, the film tells the story of Shakib, a day laborer who has a relationship with a deaf and mute woman, Ladan. The construction site on which he works today turns out to be the set of a film and, against all odds, Shakib is given a movie role, a house and a chance at being somebody. But then Ladan asks for help.

The first two episodes of the first season of “The Actor” by Nima Javidi will compete in the Coaming up Next category.

The series tells the story of Ali and his friend Morteza, two naturally gifted but unemployed thespians, who perform at wealthy people’s functions to surprise their guests. But surprises can sometimes turn awry, and soon enough Ali and Morteza catch the attention of a mysterious agency.

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