UCMS by AROBS implements an electronic signature process for TenarisSilcotub for a 100% integrated and digitized personnel management system

UCMS by AROBS, one of the most innovative Romanian companies, specializing in the development of integrated human resources management solutions, with over 26 years of experience on the Romanian market, announces the implementation of True Electronic Signature functionality for TenarisSilcotub, the most important Romanian manufacturer of seamless small diameter pipes, with a team of over 1800 people in Romania. 

The collaboration between UCMS by AROBS and TenarisSilotub started 13 years ago with the implementation of the True HR solution.

“Digital transformation means saving time, which can be used much more efficiently for the development of any business. This was also the purpose for which we developed the True Electronic Signature functionality, and the fact that it was implemented in a company like TenarisSilcotub, which has over 1800 employees in Romania alone, demonstrates the efficiency of the functionality. We have created a secure and easy environment for TenarisSilcotub employees to sign documents, as well as a simple and intuitive signature workflow. A signing process that was by definition bureaucratic and time-consuming has now become quick and easy. The True eSignature module was implemented in January and so far over 700 documents have been signed. On the production side, we have been trying to find more and more solutions to automate processes for the workers. We have developed an info kiosk that can be placed in the production area where, with the help of a card and an access code, employees can see their personal data, contract data, print a salary slip from their history, various certificates, so that the HR department is as free as possible from these repetitive and time-consuming processes. Also, employees have constant access to signed documents and the time to process, access, and archive documents has decreased significantly”, said Ionuț Gherle, CEO UCMS by AROBS. 

The integration of True Electronic Signature functionality into TenarisSilcotub’s business has helped to achieve a 100% integrated and digitized system for staff administration by significantly reducing the time spent processing and archiving labor relations documents and reducing paper consumption by over 60%.

“We started our journey into the world of digitization several years ago, but the most difficult part, where we had no solutions, was signing documents in the field of labor relations. Fortunately, this segment was legislated in 2021 and enabled full digitization in HR. We wanted a simple signing module that could be easily used by all our employees, regardless of their digital skills. Together with UCMS by AROBS, with whom we already had a partnership relationship, we implemented the True Electronic Signature module earlier this year to be used for signing all documents in the field of labor relations. This proved to be the optimal solution for us, as we were able to achieve an integrated and digitized system for staff administration. The efficiencies are more than obvious. The signing process has been simplified and the time for processing, accessing, and archiving documents has decreased significantly. Also very important for us is the confidentiality that True Electronic Signature guarantees”, said Carmen Avramescu, Senior Director of Human Resources TenarisSilcotub.

UCMS by AROBS is the developer of two innovative HR and payroll software solutions, True HR and dp-Payroll. The HR and payroll software is flexible, easy-to-configure solutions designed to simplify complex HR processes and provide relevant data about internal teams. They are also integrated HR and payroll solutions for the new digital context in #workfromhome, #workfromoffice, and hybrid mode. HR and payroll software helps management or HR departments to automate tasks, organize information for employees, and create reports based on specific data.


UCMS by AROBS is one of the most innovative Romanian companies, specializing in the development of integrated human resources management and payroll solutions, with over 25 years of experience in the Romanian market.

More than 500 customers and partners use the two software solutions developed by UCMS by AROBS, True HR, and dp-Payroll, designed to streamline the work of HR and finance departments across the company, in industries such as banking, BIG4, BPO, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, automotive, media and advertising, transport, services, and construction.

The company currently develops integrated HR and payroll software solutions for five major business verticals: manufacturing & automotive, BPO, banking, retail, IT. The company’s main clients include Brico Depot, Big4, TMF Romania, AROBS Transilvania Software, Teraplast Group, Amer Sports, Lasting Group, Smithfield Romania, Apex Team International, Holver, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, and many others.

As of 2019, UCMS has joined the portfolio of AROBS Transilvania Software, a Romanian-owned company specialized in IT solutions since 1998. Over time, AROBS Transilvania Software has expanded its activity in countries such as Belgium, England, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, and the Republic of Moldova with over 800 employees.

For more information, please visit: www.truehr.ro

About TenarisSilcotub

TenarisSilcotub – part of the Tenaris Group – is the leading Romanian manufacturer of small-diameter seamless pipes used in various applications in the energy, mechanical and automotive industries. With a team of over 1,800 people in Romania, TenarisSilcotub has production facilities in Zalău, Călărași, and Câmpina. Through its social development programs, the company invests in education, health, culture, and environmental protection. fb.com/TenarisSilcotub