We as Web: Turnover target of 21 million Euros and a team of over 500 developers

We as Web, a software development company and provider of complete digital services, estimates a turnover of 21 million Euros and the expansion of the team to over 500 developers, at the end of 2023. 

“Our consistent evolution in 2022 will accelerate during this year. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and we will continue our expansion, both geographically, through new offices aimed at attracting local resources or opening new sales markets, and as a team, with skills that we can always make available to our clients”, according to Gabriel Zahan, CEO, We as Web.

We as Web ended 2022 with a turnover of 10 million Euros and a net profit of 2 million Euros. At the end of last year, the team included over 350 IT professionals.

The targets for the current year include a profit hike to 4.2 million Euros, as well as the continuation of the expansion in new regions. The company has recently opened new offices in Albania, Serbia and Turkey.

The company is also present in Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Craiova, Brașov, Iași, Timișoara and Chisinau. We as Web provides services to companies in Romania, Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Great Britain and the USA.

We as Web focuses, in the short and medium term, on opening offices in Germany, the UK, the USA and the Nordic countries.




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