Prebet Aiud gets 1,2 mln euro loan for new equipment

Romanian concrete products maker Prebet Aiud [BSE:PREB] said that that it has received a 5.9 million lei ($1.3 million/1.2 million euro) financing line for the acquisition of new equipment through the SME Invest Plus state aid programme, according to

Prebet aims to increase its production following investments in new equipment, it said in a statement filed with the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The loan will reach maturity on December 21, 2028.

The company provided guarantees in favor of BRD – Groupe Societe Generale and the Romanian state, as co-creditors.

SME Invest Plus is a state aid scheme dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine. According to its website, the scheme enables SMEs to access state aid in the form of loan guarantees and grants.

In 2021, Prebet Aiud booked a net profit of 4.2 million lei, on a 36.8 million lei turnover, latest data from the finance ministry shows.

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