80% decrease in the energy consumption with a smart public lighting solutions

Enel X România, part of Enel X Global Retail, has carried out, in 2022, street and pedestrian lighting projects, with LED technology, for city halls in ten localities in the country, as well as for companies, through which they insure themselves savings in energy consumption of up to 80%, depending on the functionalities chosen, according to Business-Review.eu.

Within these projects, Enel X România has supplied and installed, in total, over 5,350 energy-efficient lamps, with LED technology; additionally, in some projects, lighting solutions also included poles, accumulators, or photovoltaic panels. The efficiency of Enel X Romania lighting solutions implies a cut of energy consumption, on average, by 60% for projects with smart lighting fixtures and by 80% for projects that also include the telemanagement system – it can take over the control of the public lighting network, remotely adjusts the parameters of the intelligent street lighting system, such as intensity, and generates reports on the operating status of the lighting network, connection, various measurements.

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