Sovata’s Salt Road, a tourist attraction after it became image of EU In My Region campaign

The “Drumul Sarii si Arboretele de pe Saraturi” project in Sovata, which a year ago became the image of the “EU in my Region” campaign of the European Union, at the proposal of the Regional Development Agency Centru, attracts more and more tourists in Sovata spa resort, said the head of the Sovata Information Center, Daniela Bereczki, according to

“The ‘Drumul Sarii si Arboretele de pe Saraturi’ project in Sovata has become an extremely popular place for tourists, especially after it became the image of the “EU in my Region” campaign of the European Union, launched in May 2022, on the anniversary 147 years since the formation of the lake”, Daniela Bereczki told the media.

The reserve “Lacul Ursu and the arboretum on the Salt flats” has an area of 79 hectares, and the project financed with European funds highlighted Lacul Ursu and the mountain of salt on which abundant vegetation grows, a unique place in Europe.

Drumul Sarii/Salt Road has two study paths around the lake – the salt path and the bear path – two paths that pass through certain areas of the protected area, with panels describing what this protected area means. The road is dotted with information boards about flora and fauna, with explanations about what exactly sets this region apart from others.

Thus, tourists can visit the reserve, which includes two developed lakes, Ursu and Alunis, as well as four undeveloped lakes, Rosu, Verde, Paraschiva and Mierlei, benefiting from wooden walkways, pontoons and pavilions and a belvedere tower, so that they can admire the unique arboretum in the world, as well as the undeveloped saline lakes, without affecting the protected area in any way.

The project “Drumul Sarii Sovata – Rehabilitation and expansion of the infrastructure for visiting the Lake Ursu nature reserve and the arboretum on the salt flats” was completed in 2015, had a total value of 7,321,191.58 RON, of which 4,720,059.54 RON were investments from the European Union.

In parallel with this project, two more projects with European funding were implemented in the area, which complete the tourist area, a tourist information center, worth about 150,000 euros, and one for the rehabilitation of an 18-kilometer forest road worth 1.45 million euros, which connects the resort with a series of cabins and the ski slope.

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