Approximately 300 AROBS employees benefit from the first stage of the Stock Option Plan

AROBS Transilvania Software, the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, announces closing the first stage of the Stock Option Plan (SOP) program for the stimulation and retention of employees within the companies from the group. Through this program, AROBS aims to turn team members into company partners, according

“Since the listing of AROBS, one of the company’s strategic directions has been to focus on employee motivation and retention by adopting several actions, including a “Stock Option Plan” program. This approach is a natural step in improving within AROBS a culture open to communication, innovation, and entrepreneurship, community spirit, which encourages professional and personal growth, creates a space for involvement, and, at the same time, a partnership. The involvement of colleagues in the performance of the company is an element that distinguishes AROBS in the market and can attract talents with extensive expertise in the field, which can contribute both to the growth of the software services business line for the global market, and in the development of software products for the domestic market and not only. At the same time, we hope that with this program, we will open the appetite of our colleagues to become future investors on the Bucharest Stock Exchange,” stated Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

In October 2021, the majority shareholder, Voicu Oprean, transferred to the company a number of shares that represented 10% of the company’s share capital on that date. As a result of the private placement and the capital increasethe company ended up owning 80,202,758 shares, which represented 8.8% of the share capital.

During the first stage of the SOP program implemented by AROBS in November 2021, the company allocated free option rights to approximately 300 employees within the AROBS group. 3,040,396 option rights matured in November 2022 and were converted into shares. The company granted the first tranche of shares based on criteria such as seniority of more than one year in the company and exceptional results in the current activity.

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