Cluj-Napoca, declared one of the best European cities for antique lovers

Cluj-Napoca is one of the best European cities for antique lovers, scoring 5.58 out of 10 in’s antique store index. That’s according to the latest study by (Q3 2022), where research reveals the best cities in Europe for antique lovers. To do this, the experts created a points-based index system evaluating the volume and quality of antique stores in 51 European cities. Each country received an antique index score out of 10, according to

This study reveals the hotspots offering the best deals for vintage furniture, unique home items and antique jewellery. And while bargain lovers are looking for just that, it’s essential that they get the right amount of contents insurance when obtaining these one-off pieces.

The results:

Cluj-Napoca ranks 25th

With an antique index score of 5.58 out of 10, Cluj-Napoca is the 25th best city for antique lovers. In total, there are 1.26 antique stores per 100,000 people in Cluj-Napoca – over three times the number of shops in Bucharest (0.26 per capita). Cluj-Napoca scores 52% higher than Bucharest (3.66 out of 10) in the antique index overall.

Copenhagen is Europe’s ultimate city for antique lovers

Copenhagen, Denmark is the best city for antique lovers, with an overall antique index score of 8.66 out of 10. The Danish capital is home to the sixth-highest rated antique stores in Europe, with more than 1 (1.20) antique stores per 100,000 people. It also boasts the eighth-highest number of antique stores per capita out of all 51 cities analysed. In comparison, Copenhagen has over double the number of antique stores than neighbouring city, Gothenburg, Sweden (0.55). The city scores highly for the quality of its antique stores (4.63/5), ranking 11% higher on average than neighbouring capital, Berlin, Germany (4.17/5).

The capital city of Latvia, Riga, is the second-best city for antique lovers in Europe, scoring 8.56 out of 10 in the antique index. With the country’s growing interest in sustainable shopping practices(2), Riga has the highest-rated antique stores of all the top 10 countries analysed (4.81/5). The capital scores 31% higher for its antique stores than neighbouring city Tallinn, Estonia (3.65/5) which ranks 30th in the overall results. Antique lovers are spoiled for choice in the capital, as Riga is home to 0.94 stores per 1000,00 people. This is 77% more stores per capita than Kaunas, Lithuania (0.53).

The third-best city for antique lovers is Amsterdam, the Netherlands, scoring 8.37 out of 10 in the antique index. The Dutch capital boasts high quality antique stores (4.49/5) as well as the second-highest number of antique stores (2.42 per 100,000 people). This is almost 5 times more than London, United Kingdom (0.50 antique stores per 100,000 people). Amsterdam also scores highly for the quality of its antique stores, ranking almost 8% higher on average than neighbouring city Stuttgart, Germany (4.16/5).




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