Cluj-Napoca to modernize Sala Polivalentă’s parking system with an investment of over EUR 120,000

The local government of Cluj-Napoca announced its plan to revamp the parking system at BTarena Sala Polivalentă (Multipurpose Hall) in an investment worth over EUR 120,000. The procurement tender is open until November 23.

As noted from the Electronic Public Procurement System (SEAP) document, the new project aims to modernize the parking space by replacing some of the old components and reducing the time spent by customers at the entrances and exits with an easier payment system, especially during peak hours.

Should the modernization come into place, parking management will be carried out from a central server located in one technical room under brand-new equipment made by an EU manufacturer.

“The new equipment must be compatible with the existing system to be able to be implemented and to be able to guarantee functionality in optimal parameters and maximum safety,” the document reads.

However, the modernized system will come with higher subscription prices for parking spaces by 2023, from the RON 1 hourly and RON 40 monthly subscription rates that are in place today.

Located at Uzinei Electrice St. in Cluj-Napoca, BTarena Sala Polivalentă is a multipurpose hall that caters to the needs of a lot of sporting and cultural events. The venue has infamously hosted the WTA250 tournament Transylvania Open and is home to U-Banca Transilvania Cluj-Napoca basketball club.

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