Reducing staff turnover and targeting internationally qualified staff, opportunities in HR and BPO

When we talk about the local labour market in the last three years and the challenges that have arisen in the life of local and multinational companies, a not exactly optimistic scenario emerges. Against the backdrop of the global crises, the alarming drop in the workforce in areas such as medical, construction, HoReCa, even IT&C, has been an effect that employers have been facing and are now trying to remedy.

One of the possible solutions is to recruit skilled staff domestically, but also to look across borders to attract international labour.

On the other hand, staff turnover is also a delicate and difficult situation to deal with, especially in areas such as the above, which require a high degree of responsibility, at team level and in terms of productivity. The reasons for turnover are lack of development opportunities within the company (around 32% of cases), remuneration not in line with expectations (22%), organisational culture with which the employee does not identify or the desire to redeploy.

Trends in HR

Whatever the reason, trends in HR are aimed at developing training programmes designed on the growth needs of employees and paying more attention to statistics and tax legislation to facilitate the hiring of foreign human resources. From this point of view, HR software solutions and BPOs in the field manage to make this recruitment process easier, reducing time and bureaucracy.

Also, in order to reduce the turnover rate as much as possible and to favour employee retention, it is recommended that employers focus on building an employer brand and keep pace with changes in the labour market (e.g. work from home, 100% remote or hybrid).
“Regardless of the option chosen, today we can no longer rely on the attendance slip, and the key word for forward-thinking companies intent on overcoming local labour market issues is the digitisation of recruitment processes. Among the solutions to these challenges in internal and external recruitment and staff retention are the True HR and dp-Payroll systems built by UCMS by AROBS“, says Ionuț Gherle, CEO UCMS by AROBS.

True HR includes modules developed on the needs of employees and supports the increase of staff retention rates within companies. Among the modules essential to the recruitment process are True Recruitment, True Training, True Quick Document Scanning, True Induction Onboarding and True Employee Inquiries.

Work from home

A special mention goes to True Work from Home, which is perfectly in line with today’s normality and the recruitment needs of international candidates. The remote and hybrid way of working relies 100% on the digital component, and this comes in favour of companies with a step into the future.

“From a tax, legal and payroll point of view BPOs and companies with their own in-house departments have the dp-Payroll solution at their disposal, which comes with the necessary payroll modules and provides an overview of taxes, reports and accounting notes. These modules include dp-Standard and dp-Non-Standard Calculation, dp-Reporting, dp-Salary Deductions, dp-Complex Reporting, dp-INS Statistics, dp-Accounting Notes” said Ionuț Gherle, CEO UCMS by AROBS.

The recruitment and payroll software solutions contribute to the consolidation of an employer brand that operates on the principles of transparency and modernisation through digitalisation. Moreover, the efficiency resulting from the integration of solutions such as True HR and dp-Payroll helps to better retain human resources and therefore increase company productivity.


UCMS by AROBS is one of the most innovative Romanian companies, specialized in the development of integrated HR management and payroll solutions, with more than 25 years of experience on the Romanian market.

More than 1,500 customers and partners use the two software solutions developed by UCMS by AROBS, True HR and dp-Payroll, designed to streamline the work of HR and finance departments across the company, in industries such as banking, BIG4, BPO, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, automotive, media and advertising, transport, services and construction.

The company currently develops integrated HR and payroll software solutions for five major business verticals: manufacturing & automotive, BPO, banking, retail, IT. The company’s major clients include Brico Depot, BIG4, Mediafax, Siemens, Leroy Merlin, Romstal, CORA, JYSK, Volvo, Medicover & Synevo, Apex Team International, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and many others.

Since 2019, UCMS has joined the portfolio of AROBS Transilvania Software, a Romanian-owned company, specialized in IT solutions since 1998. Over time, AROBS Transilvania Software has expanded its activity in countries such as Belgium, England, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia and the Republic of Moldova with over 800 employees.

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