Speedwell is developing an ESG strategy

Speedwell is steadily increasing its portfolio in Romania, one project at a time. To go one step further towards greener building practices, the company is developing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy that will contribute to the development of more sustainable projects, acccording to Business-Review.eu.

“To us, sustainability is more than a trend; it is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. One of Speedwell’s core values is the development of durable projects that people can enjoy for a long time. We see it as a duty to the residents of cities to build projects that are not only high-quality, but also sustainable. We do that by using modern technology and materials that enhance energy efficiency and protect natural resources. The company believes in being mindful of the environment because we want our legacy to be sustainable and we want it to last. As a step further in this direction, we are creating an ESG strategy to help us improve what we are already doing.” says Didier Balcaen, the CEO and Co-Founder of Speedwell.

The developer’s sustainability goals are already being reflected by developments that have secured internationally acknowledged certifications. The company implements concepts such as urban renewal, mixed-use projects, and Transit Oriented Development (TOD). For instance, Record Park in Cluj-Napoca is a TOD-based urban regeneration mixed-use project, which also features a BREEAM Excellent certification, for both its residential and office component. THE IVY, Speedwell’s residential project in northern Bucharest, has been designed to receive the BREEAM Excellent certification as well. Furthermore, it has been certified as a Green Homes project. In proximity to THE IVY, Speedwell also developed MIRO, an office building which together with THE IVY creates a mixed-use project.

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